Giant banners described as an ‘invasion’ by store opponents

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PEOPLE opposed to the proposed Tesco store in Newport Pagnell have been angered by the erection of two large banners outside the site.

The response has come from those involved with the Tesno group, who have argued that the banners have been erected without prior planning approval.

Chairman of the Tesno Group, Tom Lonergan, said: “For several thousand Newport Pagnell residents this is one law for us as tax payers and no planning laws being applied to Tesco.

“It is an invasion and psychological warfare – people 
who don’t know any better think Tesco is about to open in Newport Pagnell. Nothing has been approved.”

Tesco officials have said that as an application for advertisement consent has been submitted the council can not carry out enforcement action to remove them until the application has been determined on January 7 next 

Tesco Corporate Affairs manager, Tony Fletcher, said: “The banners on the Coachworks building have been very effective and have prompted many suggestions, with the most popular ideas including a motoring museum, heritage and tourism centre, arts complex, children’s nursery and other community uses.

“The banners are a temporary measure.”