Giant snowmen prompt assault

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TWO giant snowmen prompted a terrifying attack that could have cost a motorist his life on Monday evening.

What started as a prank had a chilling ending when youths decided to get creative in the middle of the road at Britten Grove near Old Farm Park during the weekend’s snowfall.

The 28-year-old victim was driving home in the dark when he was forced to stop because the snowmen were blocking the road. He got out of his car, only to be pelted with snowballs by the teenagers.

He berated them and asked what was going on. When they started throwing snowballs at him he chased them across a nearby field.

Here the victim received a frosty reception. For instead of a snowball, one of the youths picked up a metal pole and struck him over the head with it hard enough to cause a serious gash.

The youths ran off, not knowing how serious the head injury was or whether it caused unconsciousness.

Police say had the man collapsed or been unable to move, he could have died of hypothermia within hours in the freezing temperatures.

Fortunately the victim was able to make his way back to his car. But the wound was serious enough to require hospital treatment and stitches.

“He was lucky”, said investigating officer PC Seb Russell.

Police are now determined to catch the culprits and have appealed for witnesses to the attack.

> Police are also urging anybody who knows who the youths are to contact PC Russell on the non emergency police number 101 or, if they wish to be anonymous, Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555 111.