Gift of goodwill: Girl, 13, helps strangers in need

Anna Bradley
Anna Bradley

A child has been inspired to help strangers in times of trouble after her mum was made redundant two days 
before Christmas.

Anna Bradley, 13, used all her savings to launch the UK’s first crowdfunding website that sets up personal fundraising campaigns for those in need.

From tomorrow the site will go live, allowing anyone from across the world to donate money. Anna is hoping to help a pensioner pay for a wheelchair ramp up to her home and a mum desperate to send her child on a school trip she can’t afford.

“Most people work very hard, but sometimes things go wrong,” said Anna.

“I think that if they were able to tell their stories, people would want to help them.

“I want to offer a place to tell those stories.”

On December 23 last year, Anna’s mum Louise was unexpectedly made redundant.

While out of a job for six months, Louise and her daughter had to move out of their home – and spent weekends selling their possessions at car boots.

Anna added: “I remember searching the whole house for loose change just to be able to buy a pint of milk.

“My mum is my best friend and I hated seeing her so upset.

“Once we were back on our feet again I knew we had to do something to help other people.”

That was how Goodwill Giving was born.

The platform will use social media to share the campaign and a ‘Fund-o-Meter’ will keep visitors and fundraisers up to date on each individual’s progress.

A campaign can be nominated by friends and family or by the individual facing the challenge.

Mum Louise from Stony Stratford is now back to work doing contract jobs, and helping Anna with the new venture.

She said: “We want this to go viral so we can help people all over the world.

“There was no where for us to be able to get help, without us getting into more debt.

“Now, because of Anna’s idea, we can help other people.

“She’s pretty amazing. I am so very proud.”

Anna is hoping to attract more campaigns as the website launches tomorrow.

Goodwill Giving can be reached by email at or search goodwillgiving. is currently under construction.