Girl, 11, bitten by dog in Bradville, Milton Keynes


An 11-year-old child was bitten by a dog which had escaped from its home and was “dangerously out of control” in Bradville yesterday afternoon.

The girl sustained a “superficial injury” to her left hand, which did not require hospital treatment, after the attack in Bradville around 3.30pm.

The dog was seized under section 5, sub section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 because it was dangerously out of control in a public place and caused injury to a member of the public.

It is due to be put down to prevent a similiar situation happening in the future.

It follows a rampage by two dogs who escaped from an address in the Bradville area on Monday, May 12, and knocked a woman over in Redway near Shipton Hill.

An unknown man on a bike then approached and called the dogs away from the woman.

The dogs seemed to follow the man as he rode away, which gave the woman time to get to her feet and return home.

And the week before this, a husky-type dog savaged a tiny yorkshire terrier to death in Wavendon after dragging the 12-year-old pet from the doorstep of her home.

PC Keith Fetherston, the local Neighbourhood Officer who is investigating yesterday’s incident, said: “The child sustained a superficial injury to her left hand.

“The owner voluntarily handed the dog over and it will be destroyed to prevent any reoccurrence.

“The owner of the dog was fully compliant and it was unfortunate that on this occasion the dog had escaped from the property.

“I would like to remind members of the public that if they are with their dog in a public place they must ensure their dog is under control.

“Ensure the dog is on a lead and if the dog is known to be of a bad temperament, consider using a muzzle.

“It is also important to keep dogs under control on private property and make sure perimeters are secure so the dog cannot escape.

“Dog owners are also responsible for their dogs in their private dwelling when having people lawfully on their premises such as post office workers and delivery drivers.

“If a dog is out of control in public and, or injures a person, we will take robust action.”

Investigating Officer, PC Amanda Hall who is investigating the May 12 incident, said: “The loose dogs caused some alarm and distress to some members of the public in the Bradville and Heelands area.

“I am trying to trace the cyclist who called the dogs.

“If anyone has any information please contact me on the North Neighbourhood Team in Bradville Milton Keynes or 101.”