Girls give back to community as they celebrate St Claudine’s day

Thornton College - St Claudine's Day
Thornton College - St Claudine's Day

Students at Jesus and Mary schools around the world celebrate Saint Claudine, who dedicated her life to the education of young girls, every February.

This year, Thornton College transformed its traditional Feast Day into a Day of Service to honour her memory.

During a full and varied timetable, students had the opportunity to give something back to their local community.

Some senior students washed staff cars while others assisted the housekeeping team in cleaning and vacuuming the school.

Meanwhile, the Year 9 students invited a group of elderly people to enjoy coffee and cakes in the drawing room while watching drama and dance performances.

The year 11 students paid a visit to the Winter Night Shelter Milton Keynes to talk to the volunteers about the work they do and the services they provide.

In tandem, the Pre-Prep School children enjoyed baking carrot cake muffins to donate to the shelter.

Afternoon Mass brought all the year groups together to share their experiences and talk about how they had given something meaningful and worthwhile to various communities to make St Claudine’s Day so special.