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MPMC Latest headlines
MPMC Latest headlines

Community Action: MK has more than 300 voluntary roles. This week they focus on mentoring.

Supporting Others Through Volunteer Action:

Offender Mentors: SOVA manages around 65 projects and supports young people at risk, disadvantaged women, homeless people and individuals with a drug addiction.

The primary aim of the Thames Valley Project is to enhance offender rehabilitation and resettlement, while reducing re-offending, through various methods of volunteer mentoring. Tasks include, provision of support and supporting probation staff and tutors in group activities. Volunteers should be 18 or over with a positive, mature outlook. They should be non-judgemental, honest and able to communicate well.

YMCA: Volunteer Mentors:

Volunteer Mentors support their mentee to successfully engage in employment, education or training and develop skills required to sustain employment. Young people are matched with a mentor who supports and guides them through personal, social and educational development.

Mentors develop a rapport using a positive and supportive relationship promoting the development of self-esteem and confidence. They encourage the young person’s involvement in social, leisure and educational activities with the aim of developing social networks, social and personal awareness, skills and interests.

Mentors should listen to and support young people, to develop a rapport with a young person within boundaries and respect confidentiality.

They should have an interest in the welfare and wellbeing of young people, an understanding of some of the issues that young people face and a commitment to working in a way which does not discriminate against any group in society.

You will need to be able to commit two hours a week for a minimum of a year and be at least 21.

MIND BLMK: 1:1 Mentor for the Milton Keynes Network Advice Partnership:

Tasks may include giving one to one support to clients experiencing mild to moderate mental health problems such as stress, depression, anxiety or wellbeing issues, going to regular one-to-one meetings with clients and committing to volunteer with one person for up to 12 weeks. They will also need to identify the need for referral to other local support organisations as necessary, help clients explore opportunities and support with the decision making processes; support them in building self-confidence and improving mental well-being, encouraging them to become independent.

Mentors also need to ensure confidentiality, give notice of non-availability, and support people monitoring their progress. Volunteers need to be 18 years and over and be available up to two hours a week.

For more call 01908 661623 or email or to register. You can also go to a drop in session on a Thursday at Acorn House from 10am to 12pm or visit