Gobbling up prize winning turkeys in MK

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A farmer who sells prize-winning turkeys for people to enjoy at Christmas is getting ready to enjoy her busiest time of the year.

Susan Gorst, who works at Moorgate Farm in Pottersbury, helps raise the Kelly Bronze turkeys from January onwards when they are just a day old. She is now getting ready to fulfil a staggering 500 orders.

Susan said: “After about eight or nine weeks they are free to run around in the fields until they are around 24 weeks old.”

The turkeys are then hand plucked and hung upside down in a chiller for 14 days to mature them and enhance the flavour of the meat.

On December 23 or 24, customers then pick up their turkeys, which are ready for the oven, and come boxed up with cooking instructions and a meat thermometer.

“The Christmas dinner is one aspect of the day that people most look forward to, so it can be very stressful for some people as they can worry about it,” added Susan.

“Our turkeys are so easy to cook, so it takes the hassle out of it. It’s nice to know that I’m helping so many families to have a really good Christmas dinner.”

The farm, located close to the Super Sausage Cafe, also sells wines, cheeses and chutneys for the big day.

The Kelly Bronze turkeys were bred by the award-winning Kelly family. The Kelly Bronze turkeys have won the best turkey in Britain award for the past eight years and were featured on a programme with TV chef Jamie Oliver.