Gold award for Milton Keynes slimmer after health scare led to weight loss

Slimmer Leyla Currie has been awarded a gold membership of Weight Watchers after reaching her target weight and shedding over 6 stones after a health scare.

Monday, 22nd October 2018, 3:00 pm
Leyla Currie

Leyla, who attends the group held at Open University, needed to get her diabetes under control and while losing weight she joined the Redway Runners.

After 3 months of healthy living her GP was happy that if she carried on losing weight and being active she would not even need her medication.

Leyla, who then turned to WW, said: “I am absolutely thrilled to have reached the weight I set out to achieve and I’ve never felt better. I feel awesome and owe this all to my Weight Watchers family.

Leyla Currie in 2016

“I am and will continue with all their help and support to make sure I don’t stray from this road. But one thing is for certain I did all this without giving up cakes. My coach Debbie, who has been my inspirations throughout this journey, has taught me how to shift my mindset, helping me become successful with my new healthy lifestyle.”

Debbie said: “I am so proud of Leyla to have reached Gold member. It’s great to see her look so happy when she sees her goal weight on the scales. As Leyla continues to attend the meetings, I will continue to support and encourage her to continue with the fantastic work she have done so far to ensure she will stay on track and take control of her goals for good.”