Golden moment for church clock

newport clock david agnew
newport clock david agnew

CLOCK enthusiast David Agnew seized a golden opportunity when his church clock started looking tatty.

He was chosen to repaint and regild the mammoth clock dial with pure 24 carat gold leaf.

And he even used an original badger hair brush – the very same tool used by another craftsman 60 years ago on the same dial.

“Gilding typically lasts for around 20 to 25 years, so if I am still alive I might get an opportunity to do it again,” said David, who lives in Newport Pagnell.

He used a scaffold to climb up to the clock at the town’s St Peter and St Paul Church,

“I don’t think people realise just how big the dial is when they’re looking from the ground. The hour hand measures almost four foot.”

David used 550 sheets of gold leaf during his painstaking task.

He applied it with a brush borrowed to Newport historian Dennis Mynard, whose grandfather gilded the clock in the 1950s.

David then used industrial paint to paint the face blue – the church clock colour decreed by Henry VIII in recognition of holy garments.

Now, with his job completed, David is striking out on his next project – raising funds to pay for an official town clock for Newport Pagnell High Street.

The ornate structure, designed in the same style and the town’s historic iron bridge, is currently under construction and should be completed by September.

A model is on display at Barclays bank and donations can be made to the town council offices in the High Street.