Good Lord! A Royal title for tiny village

A TINY hamlet just outside Olney is preparing for a celebrity visitor – in the form of a Royal Lord.

For the ancient title of the Royal Lordship or Ladyship of Warrington – population of 30 – is up for grabs at a special nobility auction, with a reserve price of £9,000.

And whoever buys it will be following in the footsteps of two kings of England, Edward II and Henry IV, who both held the title during their reigns,

They will be entitled to refer to themselves as Lord or Lady and have the title printed on bank cards, business cards and driving licence.

“You have no idea of the benefits it can bring,” said the auction organiser, Graham Fothergill from Noble Titles.

“You get upgraded on planes, you get the best hotel rooms and the best tables in restaurants. It can do wonders for business people too. You get treated literally like a Lord.”

The title itself is 100 per cent genuine, said Graham, who is a Baron himself.

Part of the Duchy of Lancaster, it has been held over the centuries by families called Basset, Bradshaw, Farrer and Throckmorton.

The current owner is an American man whose reason for sale is unknown.

Also unknown until now, at least among the 10 households that form Warrington parish, was the existence of the title itself.

“This is incredible. We lead a quiet life here and we had no idea,” said parish chairman Graham Harrison.

“But if our new Lord wants to come and visit, we’ll certainly make him welcome.”

“Unfortunately there’s not much to see. We have no pub, no shop, and our old church is just a pile of stones, but we love it.”

The most contentious issue for decades in Warrington has been a planning application for a wind turbine farm half a mile away, granted recently on appeal. His Royal Lordship may be expected to commiserate, said Mr Harrison.

The auction is at Brighton’s Hotel Du Vin at noon on December 6.