Good samaritans help disabled man

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A disabled man who was stranded during the heatwave has offered his thanks to those who helped him in his hour of need.

Lance Howard, 54, was travelling past Brasserie Blanc in the Hub at around 3pm last Saturday when he discovered his mobility scooter had a flat tyre.

He spent the next couple of hours trying to repair the tyre in almost 30 degrees of heat. Staff at the restaurant constantly kept him and wife Sue hydrated with free, chilled, bottled water and even offered the couple a meal free of charge. Lance eventually re-inflated the tyre with staff ensuring he was fit to travel before he set off.

However, Lance had only travelled halfway towards his home in Great Holm before the tyre deflated again. This time neither he nor his wife could move the scooter because it was too heavy to push.

He said: “My wife took as much off the scooter as she could but it still wouldn’t move. A number of cars drove straight past without stopping.

“Eventually a man pulled over who lived in the nearby Wood Yard. He took the scooter and left it there.”

Days later Lance called Kevin Bodley, of DW Bodley and Sons, to find he had put in a new inner tube and provided a spare as well.

Lance said: “He’s an angel. He fixed the scooter and refused to take any money from me. There are so many bad people around but Kevin, his colleague Alan and all the staff at Brasserie Blanc couldn’t have been nicer.”