Goodbye to a man who had everyone smiling

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ONE of the nicest men you would ever wish to meet.

That is the verdict from family and close friends of Paolo Sicorello, whose body was found in a canal in Great Linford on Sunday after an agonising four week search.

The 34-year-old is fondly remembered by all who knew him and brother Alf said: “I was reading the tributes on Facebook the other day and they just go into the hundreds. I was so proud of the things people were saying and it was like looking through frosted glass by the end, I was so emotional.”

Alf’s 14-year-old niece Sophie idolised her uncle.

She said: “He was one of the best men you’d ever meet. A real kind, generous and genuine man. Our family is really close and to know he’s not coming back to us tears me apart. He’s always in our hearts and never forgotten.”

Paolo worked at The Black Horse Pub in Great Linford at the age of 18 where he met close friend Del Lacey, who chose Paolo to be his best man at his wedding.

Del said: “I said in my wedding speech he was the kind of man to give you his last tenner even if it meant he was £25 overdrawn. He was always there for you and he was always helping someone. That’s just the kind of man he was.”

From the Black Horse he moved into working in Data Cabling where he worked with long time friend Matt Espey.

Matt said: “You couldn’t have asked for a better man. If he got anyone a gift he would make sure he put some thought into it. He always stopped and interacted with my four-year-old and she was crazy about him. I don’t know where he found time for everyone but he did.”

Matt’s brother Phil grew up with Paolo and went to school with him. He described their friendship as ‘epic’.

He said: “He was my best friend and a really good chap. He never judged people and took them for what they were and never expected anything from anyone.”

Close friend Darren Brockett summed it up when he said: “I am just one of thirty people who could have been chosen to sit and talk about Paolo at length. He was just one of those people who touched so many people’s lives.”

His sister, Nina White, said: “He was a loyal trusting and kind brother and uncle. A gentle man with never a harsh word. Loved and adored by us all. Always and forever in our thoughts, never to be forgotten.”

His brother Michael, who is less than a year older than Paolo, said: “He loved to crack jokes, he was always laughing and always funny. And he was polite – thanks to our parents.”

And parents, Vince and Monica spoke of the cheeky chap they raised to be the polite, caring man that they were so proud of.

They said: “He would have made a perfect father. It’s a shame he never got the chance to do that.”

Paolo’s funeral will be held on Thursday, February 17, at St Andrews Church in Great Linford at 2pm. Family have asked for just family and his closest friends in the church with many more welcome to listen to the service outside via a speaker system.

Close friends and family are welcome to bring flowers with others asked to give donations to St Andrews Church or Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.