GPs can’t take more pressure

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View from the House, by MP for Milton Keynes South, Iain Stewart

This month it was voted through and will now be put into the House of Common’s standing orders.

It certainly did go down as controversial with some, not least our SNP friends.

Some say EVEL is too complicated but I think it is simple. Laws will go through the normal process, all MPs can debate, put in amendments and vote but, for those measures that only affect England and/or England and Wales, there will be an additional consent stage which requires a majority of English MPs to support the measure.

Back in the constituency, I had a site visit to the Western Expansion Area. It was truly incredible to see the size of it. I believe it is the largest development site in the UK.

As impressive as it may be, the sheer number of new homes and people bring serious concerns for current residents of MK. Can our roads take the pressure? Can we school the children? Do we have enough GPs?

I have to say, following my last month’s visit, I am now cautiously optimistic on what the expansion area will bring to the city. There will be four primary schools and one secondary, there will be dual carriageway ‘city streets’ and improvements to existing roads.

But one issue I am still not satisfied with is the proposed ‘Health Centre’. People will start moving in by the end of this year, yet the health centre is not due until 2019.

I know existing GPs cannot take the additional pressure so I have written to the head of NHS England to make that very point.