Grandmother left shaken after theft at a city cemetery

A grieving grandmother had her handbag stolen as she lay flowers at her late husband’s resting place.

After parking in Crownhill crematorium, Anne Goodacre, of West Bletchley, returned just 10 minutes later to find her car window had been smashed by thieves.

Anne Goodacre

Anne Goodacre

Her bag – along with cash, bank cards and driving licence – were all gone.

Mrs Goodacre, who cared for her paraplegic husband before his death in 2009, said: “As my hands were full I stupidly left my handbag under the passenger seat of my car, completely hidden from view, or so I thought.

“The day that should have been remembered by me as my husband’s birthday will now be remembered as a horrific event. Luckily I had my keys and mobile phone in my jacket pocket or else I would have been completely stranded. It has left me very disturbed and upset. I feel I have been violated.”

There is no CCTV in the car park of the Willow Chapel car park but Anne told police she saw two men in a dark blue saloon car at the scene.

She added: “I want your readers to be extra vigilant and careful no matter where you are as nowhere is sacred it seems, even at a crematorium.

“I am starting to believe in Karma and really hope these thugs get their comeuppance no matter how long it takes. You know who you are and revenge will be sweet.”

A council spokesman said: “We are very sorry to hear about this. Incidents like this are very rare but we would urge anyone who saw anything suspicious to contact police.”

> The incident happened on Sunday, October 26. Call 101 if you can help police.