Great British Bake Off’s Nadiya abused online over Muslim faith

Nadiya Hussain
Nadiya Hussain

Bake Off champion Nadiya Hussain has told of the anti-Islamic abuse she has suffered online.

The GBBO star, who lives in MK, revealed police guarded her home after she was targeted on social media over her Muslim faith.

ON ITV’s Loose Woman this week Ms Hussain said: “There was quite a lot of negativity on Twitter. I tried really hard not to look at it. My husband is one of those who has to read everything, so he sat there and read everything.

“You can do two things, and the old me would have very much regretted everything, and there were times when I thought, ‘What have I done? Am I putting my kids in danger?’

“He was always the one to say ‘You know what? It’s okay. They’re such a minority and it doesn’t matter’.

“And if anything, I proved to myself I can have the confidence not to care what people think. For me, that’s what came out of it all.”

When the abuse was at its worse, the mum-of-three had police protection outside of her previous home in Leeds.

She added: “We had to have people come in and check that we were okay.

“For me, some of the tweets I looked at and thought, ‘Well that’s nothing, it’ll be fine’, but everyone wanted to make sure that we were safe.”