‘Greedy’ few had no shame with free food

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A kind-hearted gesture by a church to feed hundreds of people for free was abused by a greedy minority.

One visitor to St Mary’s annual Church on the Green event on Sunday was sickened by the amount of free hotdogs, chips and cream teas some people managed to wolf down.

The Bletchley church organises the annual event to express the “generous love of God.”Some 180 church volunteers work for months to ensure all the entertainment and food does not cost a penny for the 1,800 plus visitors.

Discipleship Pastor, Tim Cutting, said:”It was a wonderful afternoon and there was a lovely chilled, relaxed atmosphere.

“People of all ages took part in the activities and entertainment and they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

“Sadly there are always some people who think ‘wow, this is too good to be true’ and fill their boots with the free food. But these are always a minority.”

Most of the visitors were appreciative and full of praise. But one told the Citizen: “I was absolutely stunned at the sheer greed of people.

“People were piling their plates as high as possible with cakes and acting as though they had never eaten before. One woman was stuffing them into her bag,

“It was a sickening sight. Once their bellies were more than comfortably full and they couldn’t find anything else to bag for free, off they waddled to the next tent.”