Green light for Rapid Response vehicle units

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Councillors have approved plans to build three new rapid response units in the city after a meeting of the development control committee on Thursday.

The plans had been recommended to be turned down but councillors voted in favour of the initiative.

Two new Portakabin type buildings will be built at Pitfield in Kiln Farm and Saxon Street respectively with a decision on a third one, to be placed in Brickhill Street, near Middleton to be taken at a later date.

The new bases will improve the speed in which paramedics can get to the scene of an emergency in Milton Keynes increasing the chances of survival for patients in desperate need.

The project had originally been cited for rejection as councillors described the plans for a site in Middleton as ‘inappropriate and unacceptable’ as well as a visual intrusion.

It was also thought that the Portakabin type structures would become a target for vandals and those looking to steal drugs when they are unmanned at night.

Work is set to begin on the project within the next few months.