Greenleys residents angry at bush cutting

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FAMILIES living in Greenleys are feeling unsafe in their own homes after bushes behind them were cut down.

The Parks Trust recently cut down the bushes which had protected the houses from onlookers, and residents have slammed the actions.

Mother of two, Donna Andrews, 44, is worried about the safety of her home as burglary’s have previously occurred through gaps in the bushes.

She said the bushes are normally trimmed to keep them reasonable every year, but this time bare branches ahve been left where there were previously life filled bushes.

But the Trust said the work was part of an annual maintenance programme which helps to sustain the long-term health of the foilage.

Mrs Andrews said: “I don’t think that what they did was right. They should at least have given us some warning that they were going to do it.

“We’ve been burgled before after they cut a gap in the bushes and it has not grown back, so this has made it worse.

“It’s not right and we should be able to have a say in the protection and privacy of our own homes, not some nature company.

“We are just going to have to put up with it now, because they won’t grow back this winter, but it’s not good enough.”

Residents feel that their ‘Right to Privacy’ has been taken away from them.

Behind the bushes is a grassy walkway surrounded by more bushes so people lurking in the area may not be noticed.

Some home owners have even bought new taller fences to counteract the move.

Head of Operations at The Parks Trust, Rob Riekie, said: “The hedge forms a boundary to our land at Greenleys and was cut as part of an annual landscaping maintenance programme.

“It was trimmed so that we can sustain its long-term health and reducing the tall, leggy stems means that the hedge will grow back thicker and stronger. The hedge is actually only being reduced to the height it used to be cut, this will also allow it to be cut a lot more effectively.

“Our role is to care for 5,000 acres of parks and green spaces in Milton Keynes, but it is the responsibility of residents to provide their own fencing to ensure that their homes are adequately screened and protected.”