Greg Rutherford has his cake, but probably doesn’t eat it because he’s a professional athlete...

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OLYMPIC champion Greg Rutherford received a special treat earlier this week – a huge fruit cake shaped and decorated as a replica of the gold medal he won at London 2012.

The cake was made by Joanna Whitehead and mum Teresa Smoothy of Creative Cakes based in Old Stratford and was presented to the long jump champion live on BBC Look East during his homecoming party at Milton Keynes Athletic Club.

Joanna said: “The club got in touch a couple of weeks ago to tell us they wanted a cake at some stage, but then we got a call at 1.30pm on Tuesday to say they needed it that night!

“Fortunately we had the cake already made for a wedding, so we quickly decorated it to look like a gold medal using icing and marzipan.

“I got a picture of a gold medal and zoomed in as close as I could to see the detail. Carving the woman on the top was the most difficult bit – the whole thing took about three hours and we got to the track just in time.

“But it was worth it. We watched the Olympic and cheered Greg on. It was great to meet him. My mum’s arms were hurting a bit after holding the cake for so long but she’s OK now. We’ve made another cake for the wedding!”