Groundbreaking vegan campaign launches in Milton Keynes

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A groundbreaking new campaign highlighting the benefits of veganism has launched in Milton Keynes.

Vewers are urged to research the issuesbeing highlighted for themselves by downloading the campaign’s Free Vegan Guide.

Sandra Higgins founded Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary in 2008. It was the first vegan sanctuary in Ireland and is now home to more than 100 residents, all of whom have been rescued from human use - and many now feature in the Go Vegan posters.

The Go Vegan campaign features powerful, highly thought-provoking messages and the award winning advertising campaign is designed to encourage people to question the notion that humans are better than other animals; and to help them think seriously about the ethics of continuing to use animals as food, clothing, entertainment, and for research.

Through striking digital video and stills, the advertising will be targeting shoppers and city traffic across the city of Milton Keynes.

In 2012 she founded Matilda’s Promise, an Animal Rights and Vegan Education Centre dedicated to the memory of one of Eden’s first residents. In 2015 she founded Go Vegan Ireland, a public educational advertising campaign which quickly developed into the international campaign Go Vegan World.

Sandra’s interest in animal rights stems from her previous career as a psychologist specialising in trauma.

In 2008 she was asked to care for two orphaned lambs which had a profound change on her life and work and lead her to further research just how animal products are sourced.

The campaign is being run by the Eden Farm Animal Sanctuary and is part of an international campaign that is currently touring the UK.

There is also a growing body of research that shows that a switch to a vegan lifestyle would also benefit the environment and human health and help alleviate world hunger.

“Most people are pleasantly surprised to find that it is easy and enjoyable to be vegan, especially when motivated by our deepest values of justice and fairness” said Sandra.

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