Grubby Milton Keynes Budgens requires 'major' improvement in food hygiene

In the latest of our food hygiene inspection reports, the Citizen brings details of a popular Stony Stratford supermarket

Monday, 7th October 2019, 4:53 pm
Stony Stratford's Budgens

Stony Stratford Stores (Budgens) received a rating of 1 in the council inspection, meaning major improvement is necessary.

The inspector's report, drawn up after a visit in June this year, describes how the floor in the 'Bake Off' room was dirty and “did not appear to have been satisfactorily cleaned for some time".

It adds: “Food debris was present near to the wall by the Bake Off ovens, significant dust under the units opposite the front counter and used paper towels behind the bake Off Oven closest to the counter."

The floor surface to Cold Room C was found to be “badly damaged and no longer in sound condition or easy to clean.”

The inspector added: “Cold Room C had recorded temperatures in June of minus 9C and minus 10C. When I monitored the temperatures of the freezer it was a minus 6.4 C, which is far too warm for the storage of frozen products.”

One out of the two Bake Off staff said they had no protective clothing to wear when carrying out work with open food - but the store manager promised he would order this clothing immediately.

The inspector noted: "It did not appear that the refuse bins were emptied at the end of each trading day as the bin was over half full.

"Improved cleaning is required, followed by more regular and thorough cleaning."

The Citizen approached the national Budgens head office and were told the Stony Straford store is independently owned.

A spokesman said: "We are sorry to hear about this score. All Budgens stores are independently owned which means we have no operational control. However, our team is always available and works hard with retailers to help them improve and maintain standards and will be picking up with this store directly."

The Citizen is still awaiting a reply from the store's owner.