Guardian angel dog is missing

Lost dog Poppy
Lost dog Poppy

AN elderly dog who has spent her life playing guardian angel to her family has mysteriously vanished off the face of the earth.

Poppy, a 12-year-old black and white collie, has been missing for two weeks after disappearing during a late-night walk.

Previously she had never left her family’s side, say owners Amanda and Steffan Hewitt, who have offered £100 reward for information leading to her return.

Poppy even appointed herself nursemaid to the Hewitt’s three children, lying on guard by their prams as soon as they were born.

“She has always been there, keeping a quiet, watchful eye on us all,” said Amanda, who lives in Bow Brickhill.

“If anyone is ill she seems to know. When my mother had cancer, Poppy was amazing.

“She is almost 13 and she has been with us, watching over us, for all those years. We just cannot bear to lose her in this way.”

The Hewitts have spent hours searching for Poppy, who is partially deaf and needs daily medication.

The charity DogLost has also pitched in to help and dozens of volunteers have joined the hunt and put up posters around the city.

Poppy was microchipped, though wearing no tag, so if she had been killed, her death would have been reported by now.

“In a way no news is good news, but it is horrible that there has been no sightings of her since that fateful night, November 24,” said Amanda.

She is hoping somebody may have taken Poppy in, not realising she is a much-loved pet. Or she fears she may have been stolen.

“There will be no questions asked as long as we get Poppy back. She has watched over us all her life and it’s only fair that she’s cared for in her old age by the people she loves,” said Amanda..”

Anybody sighting Poppy should call the Hewitts on 07793 656165..

Anybody wishing to return Poppy can bring her anonymously to the Citizen offices in Bond Avenue, Mount Farm Bletchley.