Guide dog hit by reversing cab

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A cab driver who reversed into a guide dog on the pavement of a busy High Street will not be prosecuted by police.

The driver knocked into the side German Shepherd Emma, who was leading blind owner Mike Gurney on a shopping trip in Stony Stratford.

Shocked 69-year-old Mike felt Emma fall against his leg and reached out to feel the boot of a car.

He thumped it twice and yelled for the driver to stop.

Now, ironically, his action could land HIM in trouble – with an insurance claim from the cabbie for allegedly causing a dent to his taxi.

Mike, who lives in Deanshanger, rushed Emma to a vet after the August Bank Holiday weekend incident.

The dog suffered bruising and has now physically recovered.

But Mike is worried the mental trauma could affect her career as a guide dog.

“She is only 22 months old and the accident happened five and a half weeks after I had her. It could have a devastating effect,” he said.

Police originally told Mike they would prosecute the cabbie for driving without due care and attention.

But this week he received a call saying there would be no charge because it was “a legal manoeuvre”.

Said Mike: “How can it be legal to reverse onto a pavement and hit a guide dog?”

A police spokesman confirmed the incident had been reported to police, but added: “Unfortunately, TVP is unable to respond to complaints made through the media.”