Guide Dogs for the Blind seeks volunteers

Volunteer: An opportunity to make a difference...
Volunteer: An opportunity to make a difference...

Volunteers are being sought to provide essential support to blind and partially sighted people in the area.

Guide Dogs for the Blind are behind the scheme.

“My Guide volunteers will make a very real difference to the lives of people in our area,” said Clare Burgess,volunteer development co-ordinator for Guide Dogs.

“Losing your sight is an extremely difficult experience that leaves many people feeling isolated and alone.

“This is an opportunity to have a real and positive impact, helping somebody rebuild their life and get out and about again.”

Volunteers will guide their partner on trips out to activities, the shops, a cafe or sports event, or other activity the blind or partially sighted person wants to take part in.

“Guide Dogs recognises that dogs are not the solution for everyone,” explained Claire.

“The service will help to change the lives of people who have become isolated as a result of their sight loss.

“Volunteering to become a sighted guide is a valuable skill for individuals and it’s a tangible way of making a difference to a blind or partially sighted person’s life today,” she added.

Are over 18? Can you commit to a minimum of two hours a week?

To find out more about the service, drop an email to Clare at or call 07881 269 562.