Gulliver's guests support the Milton Keynes Food Bank

Gulliver's teamed up with the community to help families in crisis with its food bank festivals, held earlier this month.

Tuesday, 26th September 2017, 1:50 pm
Updated Tuesday, 3rd October 2017, 3:26 pm

Entry to Gulliver’s was reduced to £12.50 per person on specific days, so long as everyone handed over a suitable, non-perishable item of food or drink on arrival.

Gulliver’s wanted to help stock the Milton Keynes Food Bank, which provides three days’ emergency food to clients who are identified as being in crisis by a variety of frontline care professionals.

Dean Kimberley from Gulliver’s said: “Poverty is all around us and our kind-hearted customers recognise that families just like theirs can experience tough times, which sometimes leads them to needing emergency support.”

For more information about MK Food Bank, visit