Gunman admits killing '˜an innocent kid' in Milton Keynes

A man accused of murdering a teenager when he fired a gun through an open window has admitted to a jury that 'an innocent kid' died.

Wednesday, 15th March 2017, 3:28 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:05 am

Mohammed Noor said he did not intend to kill 19-year-old Suhaib Mohammed, who was shot in the chest in the living room of a house in Osprey Close, Eaglestone.

He described how he pointed the gun at the ceiling but it just went ‘click click’.

“I pulled it down to look at it and it went off,” he said

At Luton crown court Noor, 33, was asked by his barrister Andrew Jefferies QC: “Do you accept you killed Suhaib?”

He replied: “I do. I weren’t supposed to pull the trigger or harm anyone. It was an innocent kid that died. I had never met him and he had never done anything to me.”

Noor, of Radworthy in Furzton, denies murder, but the jury was told he admitted the manslaughter of Suhaib, who was of Somalian extract and whose family live in Newport Pagnell.

Somalian-born Noor moved in 2006 to MK, where he lives with his wife and child.

He admitted he had used cocaine from time to time and had sold drugs.

In February and in July last year he said had been robbed of £2,000 by a man known as Hipes.

On 12 September he said he had been told by his co-defendant Albert Prempeh, 35, that Hipes had been involved in a £4,000 robbery at a Coral’s that day.

He claimed Prempeh gave him a gun and told him that Hipes was at the address in Osprey Close. He denies forcing Prempeh to accompany him.

“My intention was to rob the £4,000,” said Noor.

After the shooting of Suhaib he said he just ran from the scene.

Albert Prempeh, aged 35, of Langland Road, Netherfield, also denies murder.

Case proceeding.