Gym didn’t fix it for cancer sufferer Paul

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A CANCER patient has blasted a gym as ‘immoral’ after it only agreed to suspend his membership when he complained to this newspaper.

Paul Maclean said David Lloyd Leisure’s decision to allow him a break from his membership was a ‘damage limitation exercise’.

The Newlands-based gym and fitness centre had originally refused to suspend Mr Maclean’s membership – despite the fact he is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

The 54-year-old had even been told he would have to prove he had cancer before he could pay a reduced rate of £16 per month while he underwent treatment.

Mr Maclean, from Downs Barn, had been a member at David Lloyd for 14 years.

He was originally diagnosed with testicular cancer in November. Despite undergoing an initial bout of treatment the cancer returned.

At that stage he approached the gym to suspend his membership for four months.

He said: “I was told that I could pay £16 per month while I was away or leave and pay a month’s notice at £64, and lose all of my membership privileges.

“Over the years I have spent around £20,000 to pay for me, my wife and two children to be members and this is how I was treated. They even wanted me to prove I had cancer. All they cared about was ticks in boxes, not the wellbeing of the members.”

A spokesman for David Lloyd said: “At David Lloyd we go to great lengths to ensure that our members are fully aware of the terms and conditions of our membership contracts when they sign up which are aimed at enabling us to be fair and consistent with all of our members.

“However, in view of his exceptional circumstances and the fact that he has been a highly valued member of our Milton Keynes club for 14 years, David Lloyd Leisure would like to offer Mr Maclean a suspension of his membership without the standard fee applied and hope that he will reconsider his cancellation.”

But Mr Maclean refused the offer, saying: “This is just a damage limitation exercise on their part and I told them so on the phone. It is their policy that is wrong and it needs changing.

“Their ethics are wrong and the way my complaint was handled was appalling.”