Hammond and Harley: Songwriting successes

Martin Harley Band
Martin Harley Band

SAYING there is lots on at The Stables this week doesn’t quite cover things – eyes down for a major week of musical gems...

Stackridge arrive this evening, in their 41st year of musicality.

Glorious tunes and quirky lines will reign.

Brian Culbertson takes tomorrow, ready to plug his latest opus, and with a leaning towards the funky side of the smooth jazz genre, while on Stage 2, singer-songwriter Cole Stacey will entertain.

We move into Saturday and welcome one of the sounds of eighties music, ‘cept The Christians weren’t the cheesy side.

Their songs still stand up tall, and sound fresh as a musical daisy, today.

Remember Forgotton |Town, Ideal World and Hooverville?

Absolutely knock-out, and they still have the wow factor. This date isn’t simply a chance to dig over old ground, although naturally those well-known numbers will prove to be part of the package.

The Christians have a new album on the way next month. Dare we say, hallelujah?!

On Stage 2, The Portraits bring ‘cosy acoustic pop’ out to play.

Word has it, they’ll paint a picture of terrific promise and passion...

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band arrive on Sunday evening, another troupe who have already celebrated their four decade anniversary.

Join the band – which still features original members Manfred on keyboards and guitarist Mick Rogers, as they lead the assembled through a back catalogue of cool, with numbers like Mighty Quinn and Blinded By the Light set to feature at this show, their last date in a brace of gigs.

Albert Hammond is another chap with more than 40 years service to the industry (there is a certain pattern here), but the OBE hasn’t toured the UK since 1973.

Until now.

On Monday night, the artist, songwriter and producer will play one of only eight British shows, on the Songbook package.

When it comes to legends, Albert really is up there.

His songs have shifted in excess of 360 million worldwide, and that phenomenal figure includes more than 30 chart-toppers.

He was also inducted into the Songwriters’ Hall of Fame, alongside Paul McCartney, Cole Porter and Burt Bacharach. And there are none more deserving.

One Moment In Time, When I Need You and Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now, are but three of an exceptional role call.

Artists who have recorded his songs?

Try Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Elton John, Joe Cocker, Diana Ross, Celie Dion and on and on and on.

As we said already, the guy is a legend.

Boo Hewardine and Brooks Williams combine talents for a date on Tuesday night.

The duo have just issued an album under the moniker State of the Union, described as ‘a masterclass in songwriting and understated production.’

We are running low on space but must mention David Scheel, who brings his send-up of classical music, Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Only The Piano Player, to us on Wednesday.

On the same night, the terrific Martin Harley Band will pass by.

GO! has watched his career from a distance for a good while, and love the flow of the slide guitarist and front man.

Fresh back from a trip Stateside, he returned with a management deal and a new album in the bag, set for release imminently.

If we had the space, we’d tell you about how he played the world’s highest gig, took a vow of silence to enter a monastry, and lived in a car in Australia for a year...

Instread we can only urge you to check the live show.

Call MK 280800 for tickets, and thank us later.