Handcuffed grandma is a ‘chewing gum champ’

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A Beanhill bakery manager who was handcuffed by police, while defending the rights of her disabled employee, has been hailed a reluctant hero by the community.

Grandmother Lynne Ogbourne has earned the novel nickname of ‘chewing gum champion’ following the fracas in a neighbouring Londis store on Monday.

She saw red after a 61-year-old woman who has Down’s Syndrome was served with an entire box of chewing gum after asking for one packet.

“Instead of 42p, she had to pay £12.60. It seemed the man serving her was taking advantage because she does not understand money,” said Lynne, who runs the neighbouring Breadline bakery.

When challenged by a customer, the Londis assistant was allegedly heard to say: “Well, she can get some more money from the council.”

Said Lynne: “That was the last straw. This lady has worked here at the bakery on a disabled placement scheme for 16 years and everybody loves her.

“I stormed into Londis shouting about how they had taken advantage of a disabled person. I refused to budge.

“They called the police and I was so cross that I had a tussle with the officer. He had to handcuff me to get me out.”

Lynne, who has six disabled people helping at the bakery, was released without charge.

“I was wrong – but I’d do it again in a flash,” she said.

The manager of Londis was “too busy” to comment.