Hannah Thinks Bigger

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A 23-year-old city girl has been awarded £2,500 to develop an app by o2, to encourage more children to explore the outdoors.

Hannah Catmur, was originally awarded £300 through an o2 Think Big grant which she used to organise a successful family activity day.

The potential she showed led to her being awarded a Think Bigger grant of £2,500 which she will use to develop the app and couple it with a website where children can plot outdoor adventures gaining points and prizes depending on what they have seen and done.

It is set for launch in the autumn.

Hannah said: “I developed the initial idea for a Final Major Project as part of my degree, in which we had to focus on a current issue in society. I looked into the influence of technology on society, specifically, the most vulnerable group – children – and their new titles as ‘Digital Natives’ and ‘Tech Savvy’.

“It became apparent to me that children as young as three were incredibly tech literate and thought my platform would be the ideal way to reach children. I wanted to speak to them in a language they understood, but use it for positive change.

“Lots of exciting things are happening this year with sponsors and supporters - getting many people on board and working hard for content. If you would like to get involved, email hello@getoutexplorersclub.co.uk.”

Bill Eyres, head of O2 Think Big said: “Young people are brimming with ideas, passion and enthusiasm and we want to encourage all of that exciting creativity. That’s exactly what O2 Think Big is about. It is amazing to see what they have already achieved with the initial £300 grant, so we can’t wait to see this project develop to its full potential.

“We give bright young people the tools and help needed to grow their passion and ideas. Hannah impressed us with her commitment to making a real difference to her local community and we wish her every success in this incredible endeavour.”