Hatch chick at stadium:mk

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Rare nesting Peregrines have scored a first by breeding a chick – on the roof of the city football stadium.

Now RSPB and Parks Trust officials are rallying round to build a special nesting platform in the unusual location.

They hope the cheers of fans will persuade the protected species to wing it back year after year.

“I think this might be the first ever pair to breed on a football ground – it’s something for everyone to cheer,” said RSPB spokesman Mark Thomas.

Football fans were entertained during the season by the sight of a single Peregrine

pursuing pigeons inside the stadium.

Then in February a pair were discovered nesting in an old crow’s nest in the upper reaches of the roofline.

This week Park’s Trust officials managed to photograph their fledgling chick as it prepared to fly the nest.

Part of the falcon family, with a wing span of up to 4ft, Peregrines are the world’s fastest predatory creatures.

They almost became extinct during the 1960s and 1970s – largely due to collectors stealing their eggs.

Today the population has recovered but there are still just 1,500 nesting pairs throughout the whole of the UK.

Parks Trust Biodiversity officer Martin Kincaid said: “This is a first for Milton Keynes and only the second known breeding site in Buckinghamshire.”

He has confirmed the fledgling Peregrine has now flown its nest.

Now experts plan to install a purpose-built nesting platform in the stadium to encourage the birds to take up permanent residence.

Buckinghamshire Bird Club members will help monitor the visitors and ring the young each year.