Haunted happenings in Milton Keynes

Bradwell windmill.
Bradwell windmill.

A spooktacular spot that is haunted by the ghost of a young girl is said to be at Bradwell Windmill.

Built in 1803, the windmill is an historic landmark in Milton Keynes, just off the V6 Grafton Street.

It closed down in 1876, but since then thousands of pounds have been spent trying to restore the Grade II listed mill, which is owned by the council and managed by MK Museum.

It is believed to be haunted by the daughter of a local miller who took her own life in 1685.

The story goes that she was caught in a love triangle between two men.

One jealous suitor killed the other, and then was executed for his crime.

Unable to cope with her loss, the young girl perished in one of the upper compartments of the mill, which stood before the Bradwell Windmill decades before.

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