Have you herd? The sheep are back in the city

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SPRING is on its way and that means the return of the sheep to Campbell Park.

The flock of 120 sheep graze about half of the park and are considered by members of The Parks Trust – which runs Campbell Park – as a vital conservation tool.

They manage large areas of grassland helping to create a richer diversity of wildlife as their grazing helps to deter weeds and unsightly plants.

Members of the Parks Trust have urged people using the park to respect the animals when travelling through their grazing areas. This means cyclists should slow down and dog owners should keep their dogs on a leash.

Sheep and cattle graze about 800 of the Trust’s 4,500 acres of parkland across the city including the Ouse Valley, Ouzel Valley, Woughton on the Green and Shenley Toot.

Landscape and forestry manager at the Parks Trust, Rob Rieke, said: “Sheep are a great, and green, way of grazing our parkland. As well as being good for biodiversity they can also reach the parts that more conventional mowing machinery would find difficult.

“Not only are they highly practical to use, sheep are a well-loved feature of Campbell Park that bring adults and children closer to the countryside.”