Have you seen popular Claude the cat around Milton Keynes?

This cat about town spend his days going from shop to shop and lapping up attention.

Tuesday, 24th January 2017, 2:14 pm
Updated Tuesday, 24th January 2017, 2:18 pm

Meet Claude - the ex-RSPCA stray who has melted the hearts of an entire town.

The magnificent moggie spends his nights in the lap of luxury with owner Victoria Kane.

But his daytime hours are filled with an immense purrpose - to pop in to practically every shop in his Wolverton neighbourhood.

He is welcomed with open arms - and plenty of his favourite treats - in everywhere from the lawyers to the library.

Claude is guest of honour at the town hall, a source of love at the launderette, and an honoured product tester at the pet shop.

He also laps up the attention - and left over milk - in Bar Bar Black Sheep snack bar and forages among the flowers at the florists.

But his real passion is for the post office inside the Co-op, where he is such a regular visitor that he even has his own box on the counter.

Claude’s popularity earned him the title of Wolverton Personality of the Year 2016 - though the organisers are still puzzling how to present a trophy to a cat.

But his celebrity status landed the Wolverton in a state of high anxiety last week - when he went MISSING for three days.

“I was worried sick and thought something terrible must have happened.” said Victoria.

She put out a plea for Claude sightings on the town’s Facebook page Wolverton Massive. Within hours there were hundreds of concerned replies.

“Everybody was amazing.There must have been dozens and dozens of people out searching for him around the town,” said Victoria, who adopted Claude and his brother Arnie as older kittens from the RSPCA in 2015.

“Arnie, who unlike Claude, never leaves the house, was really missing him. It seems the whole town was missing him too,” she said.

After three days and well over 1,000 offers of help, Claude was finally spotted - three miles away in New Bradwell.

“He was actually near the home of the Co-op manager Sandra, who he really loves. We think he must have somehow followed her home from work,” said Victoria.

She is now considering fitting her roving pet with a GPS tracking collar.

“At least I won’t have to go on Facebook every night to see where he’s been!” she said.