Have you seen this cat-napped Kat toy?

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A MUCH-TRAVELLED cuddly toy called Kat has been mysteriously cat-napped from a city street after jetting safely halfway around the world.

And frantic mum Kirsty Martinson is begging for his return – because her three-year-old daughter is refusing to sleep without him.

“I can’t tell you how desperate we are. It may be just a cuddly toy but to us Kat is like part of the family,” she said.

Little Mia grabbed the toy from the children’s section of Ikea two and a half years ago.

She refused to part with him at the checkout and she has refused to let him go ever since.

“Whatever Mia does, she is always holding Kat. In every photograph we have of her, there is Kat too,” said Kirsty.

“He has his own seat at mealtimes and he goes to bed with Mia every night. She cannot get to sleep without rubbing his paw for comfort.”

Last week the Martinsons returned from holiday in Spain, where Kat travelled on the plane with his own hand luggage tag round his paw.

Two years ago he went to Australia, surviving a 20 hour flight and three week trip without mishap. Since then he has accompanied the family on every outing they’ve made.

“We’ve left him in restaurants, dropped him on pavements and I even ran over him accidentally in the car once. But he’s always survived,” said Kirsty.

On Sunday the now grubby and threadbare toy went with his family to visit Mia’s grandmother in Broughton. Kirsty, who drove from Oakridge Park, believes Kat was dropped on the pavement in Dalgarth Way.

“We’ve searched everywhere but he’s vanished. I really think he’s used up all his nine lives this time,” she said.

The toy has now been discontinued by Ikea and Kirsty’s 
attempts to find one on ebay have proved fruitless.

Anybody who knows Kat’s whereabouts can email Kirsty on b17kirk@aol.com or call the Citizen on 01908 372279.