Have you seen this dog-napped chihuahua?


A TINY dog has been the victim of a ‘dognap’ and ruthless ransom scam that has left his owners broken- hearted.

Coco the teacup chihuahua escaped from the garden of his Lakes Estate home but was picked up almost immediately by a kind passer-by.

The unknown woman promptly wrote out a Chihuahua Found notice and put it in the nearby Best One shop.

Meanwhile Coco’s owner was frantically scribbling out her own Chihuahua Lost notices.

But when she arrived at Best One with her notice, within minutes of Coco’s disappearance, she was told the dog had been claimed.

Two teenage girls, believed to be from the travelling community had removed the ‘Found’ notice, called the rescuer and claimed Coco as their own.

The following day a man with a strong Irish accent called the owner.

“He said he had my dog and asked for the reward. We offered £70 and he said ‘that’s not enough’ and hung up. We are heartbroken,” she said.

Police are investigating.