Head backs pupils' decision to turn up their noses at '˜unhygienic' Comic Relief tradition

A headteacher has defended the decision of her pupils not to wear Red Noses today for Comic Relief because of hygiene fears.

Friday, 24th March 2017, 5:07 pm
Updated Saturday, 25th March 2017, 11:44 am
Comic Relief Day

Youngsters on Aspley Guise Lower School’s School Council, disgusted at the thought of accidentally wearing a nose someone else had worn, voted against wearing the iconic rubber noses for charity.

However parents branded the move “ridiculous” on social media and one called the school to complain over the controversial break with tradition.

Headteacher Melanie Mercer said the irate mums were “mistaken” and that she backed her school council’s decision.

Aspley Guise Lower School.... Photo: Google Street View

She said the noses were branded “yucky” and the council’s move was met with loud approval at a whole school assembly.

The headteacher added her 134 pupils, who were aged four to nine-year-olds, had raised more than £250 after they sold their Red Noses and raised charity funds by wearing red, along with odd socks and shoes instead, and singing the Red Nose Day Song.

“I believe one parent phoned in. I say the parent in question was mistaken,” Mrs Mercer said.

“The school council - the children themselves said it was not hygienic to wear the noses.

Aspley Guise Lower School.... Photo: Google Street View

“They are in charge of anything we do that’s representing charity with the school and any extra curricular activities.

“They met on Monday - they discussed their decisions with the rest of the school on Wednesday.

“Some of the little ones do have some very runny noses and when the children thought everybody’s looks the same and they could pick someone else’s up - the children all went, ‘eurgh!”

She added: “We let the school council organise what we do for charity and this year they decided to raise money.

“This year, as so many children have streaming noses they decided it would be unhygienic.

“They told their decision to the assembly and the children all agreed.”

A spokeswoman for Comic Relief said: “Wearing Red Noses is just one of hundreds of ways schools all over the country are getting involved in Red Nose Day.

“We are incredibly grateful to each and every school for their support, however they show it.”