Health: Charity’s tips to help young drinkers avoid pitfalls

Charity YouthNet is providing tips from its online guide to life in support of this year’s Alcohol Awareness Week, which runs until Saturday, in a bid to encourage young people to drink sensibly as the party season draws closer.

provides safe, trusted and non-judgemental information and advice on all issues affecting 16 to 25 year-olds.

The Drink and Drugs section features a wealth of written articles, video and audio on topics such as preparing for a big night out, drinking laws, dealing with hangovers and even caring for a drunk friend.

Emma Thomas of YouthNet said: “The nature of the support we provide through aims to give young people the facts to empower them to make more informed decisions when drinking, but certainly not deter them from having fun.

“Alcohol Awareness Week is a great opportunity to let young people know that they can find trusted information and advice about alcohol related issues online whenever they need it.”

Tips from

l Drink plenty of water, especially during your boozing session. Pacing yourself in this way should ensure your body doesn’t dry out too badly

l Eat well before you drink and your body will be better equipped to soak up the alcohol

l Try not to mix your drinks, because you’re only adding to the number of toxins that your body has to deal with. If you’re planning on a session then stick to one tipple

l Try turning up to the bar or party later than usual, to minimise your drinking time, or kick off with a soft drink to stop you feeling so thirsty

l Binge drinking is dangerous, as your body can only process one unit of alcohol per hour. If you can pace your drinking, your system won’t floor you the next day.

l When the party time is over take a break from boozing - set aside an alcohol-free period every now and then - this respite will boost your health no end.

For any alcohol related concerns visit or to ask a question from an expert advisor at go to

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