Health service challenges in Milton Keynes: ‘Don’t scare us on purpose’

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A councillor fed-up with scaremongering wants the city to work together to face challenges to the Milton Keynes health service.

Student nurse and councillor for Bletchley Park, Ann Clancy, has slammed a campaigning survey run by the city’s Labour party, which asked 20,000 households in Bletchley if they were concerned about Tory cuts to the NHS.

Miss Clancy said: “The Conservatives have protected the NHS budget, funded 6,500 more doctors, 3,300 more nurses and set up the Cancer Drugs Fund.

“I am fed-up with the scaremongering. I am not a big party person, I believe politics is at its best when individuals work together to achieve something special.”
Miss Clancy has praised city MPs Mark Lancaster and Iain Stewart, as well the Citizen, for their campaign for extra investment in MK’s A&E, securing £2.9million.

She added: “Our hospital means a great deal to us all and thankfully it has now secured the first part of funding for the extending of the A&E and I think we can be confident that our hospital will be upgraded.

“There are many local health challenges we face, not least MK’s GP provisions. As a member of the Adult Social care committee, with my experience and working together with Iain, Mark and others I will do all I can to ensure we have the best care for residents.

“But I urge Ed Miliband’s candidates and other groups not to scare us on purpose, it isn’t fair and it isn’t right.”

This week the MK Labour party called for a new A&E department at Milton Keynes Hospital immiedailty following the news it had “failed to fully address exisiting concerns” about its finances and A&E.

Andrew Pakes, Labour’s Prospective Candidate for MK South said: “We have an amazingly dedicated NHS team in Milton Keynes but they are being let down by the lack of investment in the facilities needed at the


“The £21million needed to create a new, larger A&E unit fit for the size of Milton Keynes, around £100 per

person in the borough, is nothing compared to the £3billion spent by the government on its controversial NHS shake-up.”