7,000 children at risk of measles without second jab

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Around 7,000 children are at risk of contracting measles as they have not been fully immunised with a second MMR injection.

Despite this there have been no cases of measles reported in Milton Keynes in the last three years.

The issue came to light nationally after a 25-year-old man from Wales, Gareth Colfer-Williams, died while suffering with measles – although this has not yet been discovered as the cause of his death.

A Milton Keynes Council spokesman said: “The main issue, both nationally and locally, is the cumulative impact of lower vaccination rates in previous years, where concerns over the safety of MMR vaccination left large numbers of children unimmunised and susceptible to measles infection.

“The national catch-up campaign will, however, encourage all children and young people who are unimmunised or have only had one MMR dose to ensure they have received the complete course of two doses of MMR vaccine.”

> The main focus of the Catch Up campaign will be those between 10 and 16-years-old as they account for the estimated 7,000 who have not been fully immunised by a second jab.

A council spokesman said this was a result of discredited concerns about the safety of the MMR Vaccination.

The national campaign will now encourage parents to make sure their children receive the complete course of two doses to make sure they are covered from contracting the disease.