A fast food shake up to shed ‘Fat City’ status

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Fast food outlets all over MK could be ordered to serve healthier food in a last ditch bid to shed the city’s growing obesity problem.

Latest public health figures show almost three quarters of adults in Milton Keynes people are too fat and over eating.

One in four of them are so overweight they are classed as obese.

Despite several council and health service initiatives over the past few years, the Fat City statistics are not budging an inch.

Milton Keynes now has the dubious status of the tenth fattest area in the UK.

This week leading Labour councillor Nigel Long, who chairs the Health and Wellbeing board, has come up with a list of hard-hitting solutions.

He is calling for a major review of all fast food outlets, particularly independent ‘greasy spoon’ cafes, that require a council licence to trade.

“I suggest we made it a stipulation of the licence that they offer a healthy food choice such as salad,” he said.

“There are small cafes and outlets all over Milton Keynes selling burgers and greasy food. It’s cheap and quick for people to eat in them –but I’m sure it would help our obesity problem if there were healthy alternatives on the menu.”

Councillor Long wants stricter regulation of such 
cafes to prevent ‘fatspot’ clusters of them erupting in one area.

He is also recommending that schools offer more advice to students on healthy eating while school lunches should be high in nutritional content.

“We will also liaise with the director of Public Health to look at how to promote active living and access to affordable quality food,” he said.