A life-saving Christmas gift

St John Ambulance has announced a new range of first aid training courses for 2015.

The Essential First Aid for All Ages courses, which could make an ideal Christmas gift, will be held at the charity’s training centres in Milton Keynes, with other courses going on throughout the country.

The course, which is aimed at anyone over the age of 12, focuses on a range of emergency situations involving infants and children, as well as those involving adults. These include choking, bleeding and stopping breathing.

Beth Elger, south east regional schools and community training coordinator, said: ‘No one should die because they needed first aid and didn’t get it but sadly too many lives are lost every year in situations where first aid could have given people a chance to live.

“Only 5 per cent of people have had first aid training, 41 per cent say it would take something as severe as the death of a loved one to learn and 1 in 5 parents don’t think it’s important to know first aid. These are shocking statistics and we’d like to change this with our programme in Buckinghamshire.

“At a St John Ambulance training course you’ll learn to be the difference between life and death. You never know when you might need first aid, it could be at home, at work, on holiday or just out and about. It can all happen in a second.”

The courses last for three hours and cost £30 (including VAT).

Dates are:

Milton Keynes North, Oxman Lane - January 28, 10am-1pm; February 17, 6.30-9.30pm; March 12, 10am-1pm; March 22, 10am-1pm; April 22, 6.30-9.30pm.

Milton Keynes South, Weatherhead House, 21 Blackmoor Gate, Furzton - January 30, 6.30-9.30pm; May 7, 1-4pm.