Blood donor John reaches milestone

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A blood donor, who first gave blood 40years ago, donated his 100th pint this week.

John Powell, 60, gave his milestone pint at a blood donor session at the Bletchley Masonic Centre, Queensway on Monday.

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He said: “I started in London 40 years ago when a clleague persuaded me to give blood at a session in Marlborough Street when I was working at the London Electricity Board.

“I just thought it was the right thing to do and a great way to give back to society.”

John’s achievement was tinged with a very slight personal disappointment as he was hoping to reach the landmark point before he turned 60.

He was on for that accolade, but rules changed which enabled people only able to donate three times a year not four.

He said: “There does come a point when you try and work out what date you will be giving blood for the 100th time and at one point it was supposed to be before I turned 60.

“Sadly that didn’t happen as I turned 60 in July last year but I am still delighted to reach it.”

But John will not be stopping now and said he will continue to give blood ‘as long as they’ll take it’. He is now asking as many people as possible to sign up as well.

He said: “I see no reason to stop now. I would like to encourage people to do this if they are able to. It is such a valuable service.”

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