Citizen lifts spirits at doctor’s surgery

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The problem was so bad at Stony Stratford Medical 
Centre that doctors were forced to trudge downstairs and treat patients in offices or quiet corners.

For three weeks medical centre staff made constant phone calls and ploughed through red tape in a bid to get the lift in repaired.

They lease the building through NHS England but the contract for repairs is with the Central and North West 
London NHS Foundation Trust 50 miles away.

To complicate matters , the surgery had to go through the estates department of local community health services.

“We’ve harassed and harangued constantly but all everyone seems to do is pass the buck,” said a spokesman.

This week the Citizen stepped in with calls to the head offices of both NHS 
England and CNWL trust.

Both bodies initially denied responsibility but within hours workmen appeared at the surgery - and fixed the lift.

The NHS has also promised to install a new trouble-free lift later this year.

A spokesman for the surgery said: “It has been a 
difficult time for patients but we haven’t turned anyone away and we’ve seen people downstairs if necessary.

“It was mended following a call from the Citizen. We are delighted.”