Councillors to criticise NHS over shut surgery

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The fiasco surrounding the the sudden closure of Willen Surgery in April, is to be raised at a council meeting.

Ric Brackenbury and Catriona Morris, both of the Linford South ward, will criticise NHS England’s decision to reallocate patients based on alphabetical order, rather than postcodes.

The surgery closed without notice in April, but no clear reason nor an apology has been made by NHS England.

Mr Brackenbury’s motion will be raised at next Wednesday’s full council meeting at the Civic Offices.

It reads: ‘This council is concerned at the re-allocation of patients by surname, with many patients with limited mobility registered at an alternative surgery inaccessible by public transport.

‘This council criticises NHS England for being so unwilling to answer questions from media, members of the public and officials which only served to heighten inevitable concerns.’

> Labour leader Councillor Peter Marland will also raise concerns about the price of Meals on Wheel in Milton Keynes.

Last week, the Citizen revealed the service in Milton Keynes is the second most expensive in the country at £5.19 and is set to rise to £5.33. The national average is £3.66.

Mr Marland’s motion criticises the Conservative administration for raising the prices, noting that Warrington Council charges just £2.14 for its service.

The meeting, on Wednesday, June 12, begins at 7.30pm.