Criticised, but 111 call saved my wife’s life

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It has been much-maligned since its launch, but the husband of a woman who spent 36 hours on life support has thanked the 111 service for saving her life.

Paul Nye said he is lucky to still have wife Diane, 38, after she was taken ill earlier this month.

He said: “Without the 111 service I would have left it until the next day to call the doctor and who knows what might have happened? She might not be here.”

Mr Nye had returned from a business trip on May 9 to find Diane extremely ill with an aggressive infection doctors have suggested may be colitis.

He said: “She called me and I came home at 3pm. She was shaking and had stomach problems, but we thought it was a bug. By about 9.45pm I thought something wasn’t right so I called 111. After a few questions it was decided they would call an ambulance.”

In hospital, doctors stabilised her condition in trauma for seven hours. She was admitted to critical care and then was placed on life support. Four litres of fluid was drained from her lungs and she was released six days later.

Mr Nye said: “The most frightening thing is that every doctor we have seen since has said she’s lucky to be alive.”