Dad is proving there 
is life after meningitis

Bahman Jamalaldini
Bahman Jamalaldini
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A man who made a remarkable recovery after contracting meningococcal meningitis is determined to support the charity which helped him.

Bahman Jamalaldini, who lives in Great Holm, contracted the condition over Christmas in 2010.

The father-of-four had to have both legs below the knee, his right hand above the wrist and his fingers and thumb on his left hand amputated.

Now, after a lot of intensive rehabilitation and physiotherapy, Bahman is a truly inspirational supporter of the Meningitis Trust.

He said: “I decided to support the Meningitis Trust to raise funds and awareness as a way of saying thank you.

“The Trust organised for a counsellor to visit me in hospital and paid for adaptations at home, as I was not eligible for a disabled facilities grant as my wife worked full-time.”

Last year, Bahman trekked the Great Wall of China for the Trust, raising £21,000.

His latest efforts saw him complete a half-marathon at Silverstone last week, along with daughter Roya.

She said: “I was pleased to not only raise money for the Meningitis Trust – a donations only charity – but also to support my Dad.”

Bahman is grateful to all who support his efforts, adding: “A very big thank you to MK Hospital who saved my life, against all the odds, and to everyone who sponsored me last year and may donate now.”

To support Bahman visit his page ( and learn more about the Meningitis Trust at