Drop in sessions support dementia week

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The ExtraCare Charitable Trust is set to launch a Healthy Minds Drop-In session at the beginning of dementia week.

The sessions, which will be open to residents of the Lovat Fields and Shenley Wood villages, will offer information and advice to visitors concerned about their memory or general well being.

The drop-in events will commence from May 19.

Colin White-McCarthy, dementia specialist and Lovat Fields Village’s Locksmith, is positive the drop-in sessions will be a welcome addition for the residents. He said: “We believe it is vital to ensure early diagnosis, treatment and support for people with dementia.

“We are confident the Healthy Minds Drop-In will offer residents a friendly and trusted service that will further enhance their experience of living in ExtraCare.”

The sessions will be held once weekly and there is no need for residents to make an appointment.

Information leaflets will be available on site and anyone wishing to attend will be able to complete an assessment measuring their wellbeing or, if preferred, they can simply ask questions.

The charity’s specially trained team of ‘Locksmiths’ work with residents who are living with dementia, offering activities tailored to each individual such as sing-alongs, poetry sessions and specialist one to one help.