Finance and A&E concerns remain for MK Hospital

Milton Keynes Hospital
Milton Keynes Hospital

Milton Keynes Hospital has “failed to fully address concerns” about its finances and A&E according to a health watchdog.

Monitor, which regulates health across England, first raised concerns in April 2013 about the Trust failing to meet national targets for A&E and about its financial performance.

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b11-1231 Joe Harrison new Chief Executive of Bedford Hospital. JE wk 43 ENGPNL00120130715115930

But hospital chief executive Joe Harrison was upbeat about the future of the hospital, saying Monitor had recognised the improvements which have been made.

He said: “We’ve been 
working with Monitor for the last 18 months, and they have supported the hospital with the deficit and the improvements that are being made.

“From patients’ perspective the Trust is going to continue to develop our services in line with best practice and best clinical quality, and we have set out our plan to do so.”

Services across Milton Keynes Hospital are currently being looked at by a review by the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) which oversees healthcare locally.

The review ends next spring, and will mean that 
either Milton Keynes or 
Bedford Hospital will have their A&E department 
significantly reduced.

The government has also indicated that long-standing plans to build a new A&E at Milton Keynes will not be 
given the green light until the review is over.

Mr Harrison said: “The first thing is that we’re continuing with all our plans to develop Milton Keynes Hospital.

“This includes the development of the medical school where we have students starting in January, the cancer 
centre where we have funding secured, and the £2.9million improvements to A&E which will be completed by the end of March.

“We’re very conscious of how we spend taxpayers’ money, and we are developing Milton Keynes Hospital with an eye on the outcome of the Healthcare Review.

“We are treating more patients than ever before, we’re seeing better outcomes, and we’re investing in our estates.”

Laura Mills, deputy regional director for Monitor, said: “The trust has made some progress in addressing our concerns over its clinical and financial performance and sustainability.

“The people of Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes deserve good quality healthcare services now and in the future, but there is still much more to do if this is to be achieved.”