GPs’ anger over Willen surgery closure shambles

Willen Village Surgery
Willen Village Surgery

City GPs have described the precipitate closure of Willen Village Surgery as “the mother of all critical incidents”.

The Citizen has been leaked a series of emails from furious doctors demanding to know how the ‘disaster’ was allowed to happen – and fearing other surgeries could now be under threat.

We have vowed to protect the identities of those involved but at least one GP has asked for them to be published in a show of sympathy for Willen’s 4,000 patients, who have been shipped to other surgeries.

The emails reveal how Willen’s Dr Lobo was allegedly embroiled in a financial battle over the cost of renting the privately-owned surgery.

He had been running the practice single-handed since his partner Dr ‘Eddy’ Okafor was suspended five months ago over a prescription blunder.

One leaked email reads: ‘Willen had clearly been going down the tubes for some while. Did anyone try to intervene to draw it back?”

Others branded the situation a “shambles” and said GPs were “incensed” with the way NHS officials handled it.

One GP wrote: “More might have been done, and better done, to prevent the closure. I have heard for example that a number of colleagues locally would have been willing to go in and work sessions at the practice to keep the show on the road.”

He added a grim warning to other GPs: “In the current financial climate, with the NHS struggling under the burden of the latest ‘redisorganisation’, other practices must be assumed vulnerable too, particularly smaller practices.”